Ohio Ramble Information

Mill Creek Central Railroad, Blueberry Railroad, Erie Metro Live Steamers, Lake Shore Live Steamers and Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers are excited to be hosting the 2019 Ohio Ramble. Please read the general information and schedule below. We look forward to lots of fun & fellowship!

-For Live Steamers, not the general public
-Ramble is FREE, except for food & beverage
-Pre-Registration is required, esp. engines, RV’s, trailers
-Contact each RR individually with arrival & departure dates
-Boiler test certificate or tag & spark arrestor required
-Sign Waiver and Photo Release upon arrival
-Vendors are invited
-Comments on this website are screened for content
(there may be a delay in seeing your comments
-Looking forward to lots of fun & fellowship!

Monday 9-2-19 Blueberry Labor Day BBQ
Thursday 9-5-19 LSLS HOBO stew – celebrate 50 th
Saturday 9-7-19 NEOLS $15 Old Carolina BBQ – celebrate 50 th
(pay ahead to NEOLS if you plan to attend)

Mill Creek Central Railroad                  August 29 – September 2
Blueberry Railroad                September 2 – 3
Erie Metro Live Steamers                 September 3 – 4
Lake Shore Live Steamers                 September 4 – 5
Northeastern Ohio Live Steamers                 September 6 – 8